Two children smiling and holding toast at a Greggs Breakfast Club

Second Greggs Breakfast Club Appeal of 2023 raises over £90,000

8 months ago
3 min read

The Second Greggs Breakfast Club Appeal Week of 2023 ended in September having raised an amazing £91,840!

A huge thank you to all our Greggs colleagues and Greggs Foundation supporters for such a fantastic effort fundraising for the Breakfast Club Appeal – not once, but twice this year.  Between the September and June appeal week, that means over £190,000 has been raised to support the schools and children in our schools network this year.

The amount raised across the two Breakfast Club Appeals this year could be used to purchase over 767,000 breakfasts for children or fund a further 63 breakfast clubs for one year. 

The Greggs Foundation is committed to making a lasting impact on children's education and health. With over 840 breakfast clubs already helping over 52,000 pupils receive a healthy start to the day. The Foundation will put the funds raised to excellent use in supporting existing clubs and helping reach the target of opening 1000 breakfast clubs by 2025.  

The success of the Breakfast Club Appeal would not be possible without the support and dedication of our retail colleagues and Greggs customers.  From cash donations and 25p donations at the till, to running fundraising activities and buying Jammy Heart biscuits, there were lots of ways to donate to the Breakfast Club Appeal.   

Thank you once again to everyone who supported us during the Breakfast Club Appeal Weeks this year and we will of course keep you informed of the many ways in which the funds raised made an impact over the next year.   

The Greggs Breakfast Club Appeal will be back for 2024 so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement in the Spring!