Hardship funding

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A helping hand for those that need it most

The Hardship Fund is a small grants programme to support individuals and families who suddenly find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. It's a way to help with rising or unexpected costs, lessen the impact of sudden illness or unemployment - or offer support when it’s a struggle to make ends meet. The Hardship Fund is a fast and flexible way to get assistance.

We can only accept applications from referral partners pre-approved by the Greggs Foundation. Unfortunately, at present we are not accepting applications to be a referral partner and we can't accept applications direct from individuals.

Weekly application review

Our grant teams review hardship applications on a weekly basis to ensure that anyone who requests our help can get the items they need as quickly as possible. We know how unexpected costs for essential items such as a fridge or washing machine can really impact on already tight household budgets so the Hardship Fund can support with the following items:

  • Supermarket food vouchers

  • Clothing vouchers (to fund new school uniforms, a job interview outfit or warm Winter clothing)

  • Beds and bedding

  • Essential home appliances (washing machines, ovens, fridge freezers, tumble dryers)

  • Energy vouchers

Hardship grants offer vouchers and individual items that make a huge difference to family life, such as a washing machine for a young family, a fridge for a person needing to store insulin, or a cooker for a family fleeing domestic violence. 

All appliances, beds and bedding are delivered brand new and direct to the individual or family in need from our approved suppliers. 

You can read about how some of our families, individuals and schools have benefited from Hardship Funding on our news hub.

Priority criteria

Our Hardship Fund is hugely over-subscribed at present, so we have identified three priorities to ensure our grants make the greatest difference.

We are far more likely to support an application if it meets the priority criteria listed below:

  • We prioritise families over individuals

  • We prioritise the most financially excluded people

  • We prioritise items that will make the most difference

For full eligibility criteria and details on applying, please visit our FAQs.

Hardship Fund – items available

Please note – we do not include installation or set-up costs for home appliances 


Washing Machine


Vented Tumble Dryer


(supplied direct by Dreams)

Clothing Voucher

(£30 maximum for an individual and up to a maximum of £90 for a family)

Supermarket Voucher

(From £50 to a maximum of £100 for a family of 5)

Utility Voucher

(up to a maximum of £40 gas and electric - excludes British Gas customers)

Small Kitchen Appliance Voucher 

What to expect

Before applying, there's a few things we'll expect from you. Click below to find out more.

How to apply:

We can only accept applications from referral partners pre-approved by the Greggs Foundation. This includes social organisations such as charities registered with the Charity Commission, housing associations and social services acting on behalf of a family or individual in need. Our Hardship Fund is also available to all schools in our Breakfast Club network. We do not accept applications direct from individuals and are not currently accepting applications to be approved as a referral organisation at this time.

Please re-visit our website at regular intervals to check if we are re-opening applications for referral organisations. In the meantime, Citizens Advice and Turn2Us can provide information on support available.

  • Applications are usually assessed weekly and you can expect a response within three weeks of your application.

  • Applications should be for one item only and not multiple items.

If an application is successful, we are only able to accept a repeat application from an organisation for that family/individual in the following calendar year.

If an application is unsuccessful, organisations can apply again for the family/individual after 12 weeks.

  • The Greggs Foundation aims to respond to all applications, successful or not. However, if you haven't had a decision within three weeks of your application you can assume that it was unsuccessful.

    For further criteria, eligibility and all other questions, please visit the Hardship Fund FAQs.