Our Theory of Change

Two young girls with Ginger hair have breakfast at a Greggs breakfast club. They're wearing a blue school uniform and one is making a smiley face out of her toast crust.

We are a charitable foundation aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of communities where Greggs operates.

We believe lasting change occurs when communities can grow sustainably from within. We couldn’t possibly achieve this alone.

That’s why we create partnerships with businesses, local schools and community organisations, and offer funds, food and resources to those who can benefit from our wider network of partners and volunteers.

Our Theory of Change

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People can access free or affordable food to reduce the impact of poverty and increase their readiness to learn, engage and connect with others.

People can access a range of effective community services to widen their networks, reduce isolation, and build their knowledge, confidence and opportunities.

People can access funds and vital household items to reduce the immediate impact of poverty on their lives.

Schools and community organisations can access financial and partnership support to provide services which address their local needs.

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People can take advantage of opportunities to improve their quality of life.

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