A selection of company logos who represent Greggs Breakfast Clubs

We owe much of the growth and influence of the Breakfast Club programme to our network of supportive partners.

A substantial portion of our school Breakfast Clubs are financed by external businesses and organisations. Our waiting lists mean it's an important area for expansion, to reach more children who would benefit from a nutritious morning meal.

Our partners come from a range of sectors, including corporate enterprises, housing associations, private benefactors and financial institutions. All are focused on supporting schools within their local community to guarantee children will start the day in the right way.

How do partners support the work of The Greggs Foundation?

Jonathan Bennett volunteers in a breakfast club, sitting with two smiling pupils.

Financial support

External partners donate funds to The Greggs Foundation to support the Breakfast Club programme.  It can cost as little as £3,500 per year to support a Breakfast Club and many of our partners choose to support multiple schools each year. 


External partners often provide volunteering support to Breakfast Clubs to help with cooking, serving food, cleaning up or providing activities as needed.

Community engagement

When businesses partner with The Greggs Foundation, they can make a significant impact on the lives of children and the community as a whole. Here are a few examples of the added value that partners can bring to local schools:


Partners can run competitions that challenge and engage students, helping them develop new skills and interests. For example, a business could run a design competition that asks students to come up with creative solutions to a real-world problem.

Careers education:

Partners can provide valuable career advice and guidance to students, helping them explore different career paths and understand the skills and qualifications needed to succeed in various industries.


Partners with expertise in specialist sectors can run workshops that introduce students to these fields and inspire them to pursue careers in new areas.  

A van wrapped with designs drawn by the children who won the competition. The designs are purple with "greggs" in orange bubble writing.
You can read more about some of the activities our partners are engaging in with our schools in our news section or take a look at how one of our partners, General Mills, supports Hollydale School in London in the film below.

a visit to Hollydale School with General Mills

Get involved

Partnerships between businesses and education can benefit everyone. Schools benefit from the expertise, resources and support that businesses can provide, while businesses benefit from the opportunity to give back to the community and develop a talented workforce for the future.

To learn more about how to become a Greggs Foundation partner, please contact Lynne Hindmarch for an informal chat.


The Greggs Foundation has been a terrific partner to help us deliver our ambition to provide five thousand schoolchildren a breakfast they might not otherwise have. The team are committed, flexible and pragmatic in supporting us not only to fulfil this aim, but also connecting us to schools so we can learn more about the challenges they face through first-hand experiences and so we can effectively communicate this increasingly important work. The team are also a pleasure to work with!

Jonathan Bennett, External Relations Director, General Mills

The Greggs Foundation is a beautiful thing. Helping children and their families up and down the UK with breakfast at the start of the school day and additional hardship fund support for essential white goods for families really up against it. I am exceptionally proud to work for an organisation that sees the difference The Greggs Foundation makes and continues to provide the critical funds needed to ensure every school we support can help their local communities.

Simon Taylor, Commercial Director, Pilgrim's Pride Ltd

Our supporters

A selection of company logos who represent Greggs Breakfast Clubs

External partners play a critical role in supporting Breakfast Clubs at The Greggs Foundation.

Through their support, they ensure thousands of children have access to a nutritious breakfast. Thank you to all of our partners for their ongoing support to schools.