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2023 impact report launched

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Greggs Foundation 2023 Impact Report 

The Greggs Foundation is delighted to unveil its 2023 Impact Report, highlighting the many ways in which our grant programmes continue to make a positive difference across UK communities.  

Community Grants Programme: Empowering Local Initiatives 

Greggs Foundation Community Grant Programmes empowered over 40 local initiatives in 2023, providing vital core funding grants where they were needed most. From supporting grassroots projects in our micro grants pilot programme to distributing over £1.3m in community grant funding to key local organisations, the Foundation remained committed to providing funds, food and resources to support the work of local community organisations.   

You can learn more about the work of two of these community organisations - Back on the Map and The Marie Trust - by viewing the two short films about each charity on the impact report page.  Offering a deeper look into the work of these extraordinary organisations and how they are using the grants from The Greggs Foundation to great effect.    

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Breakfast Club Programme: Nourishing Minds, Nurturing Futures 

As the flagship programme from the Greggs Foundation, Breakfast Clubs continued to grow in 2023. We ended the year with 896 schools in our network, ensuring over 62,000 children enjoyed a nutritious breakfast every single morning.  It is a programme that extends so much further than a free morning meal, helping children to concentrate in the classroom, arrive in school on time and crucially, supporting working parents with additional childcare.   

Our growing network of clubs offer much more beyond breakfast. With an eye towards the future, planning is well underway to establish how we can broaden the impact of the clubs to evolve our support for schools in the near future.   

Hardship Grants: Extending a Helping Hand 

Greggs Foundation's Hardship Grants are a safety net for individuals facing unforeseen challenges.  During a time of financial crisis, hardship grants can help with groceries or clothing and assistance to purchase larger household essentials that would push an already tight weekly budget into the red.   

From new beds to fridge freezers, washing machines or replacing worn out school uniform for the new school year, hardship grants are there for those who need it most.  £1.6m in hardship grants were distributed in 2023 via our referral partners, with nearly half of all hardship grants awarded to families in our Breakfast Club network.   

We hope you enjoy reading about the work of The Greggs Foundation and how we supported our communities in 2023.  It is through the dedication and support of Greggs colleagues, Greggs customers, our network of external partners and wonderful supporters that our grant programmes can continue to make such an impact.   

Thank you, as always, for making our work to build stronger, healthier communities possible.