Two women in hijabs help serve pupils breakfast in the school gym

Beyond breakfast at Kobi Nazrul Primary School

11 months ago
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Belinda King is Headteacher of Kobi Nazrul school in Whitechapel, London. Kobi Nazrul has been part of the Breakfast Club programme since 2014.  Here, she offers a snapshot of just what the Greggs Breakfast Club means to pupils and their families. 

Belinda comments:

"Initially, we were cooking breakfast out of a little front office at our school but now, we have a cooking bus and a garden where we can eat the food we have grown ourselves. The Breakfast Club has really developed into such an important part of school life, but also a really celebrated part of our school offering.

"Getting children into school on time and ready to learn for the start of the school day is so important but we’re also able to make sure that families have some of those basic things that some of us might take for granted. We consider it a real privilege to be able to access the hardship fund to help our families.

I genuinely don’t know what we would have done during COVID without the support from the Greggs Foundation. All it took was one call and we had vouchers and care packages by the end of the day.

Belinda King, Headteacher at Kobi Nazrul school

Belinda continues:

"The faces on the families as they received those care packages was so full of gratitude, and that goodwill spreads. Our school community is just so giving, even when they have so little they will share groceries and clothing – it's a ripple effect which The Greggs Foundation plays such a key part.

“We see the impact of The Greggs Foundation on a small scale in our school but can you imagine that nationally across hundreds of schools? And Greggs goes about it so quietly! I think it’s just fantastic that The Greggs Foundation have been able to keep delivering this programme – it's so important for schools such as Kobi Nazrul.”