The Greggs Foundation is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and is closely associated with Greggs plc. The Greggs Foundation is a grant making charity which improves the quality of life in local communities, distributing around £2.8 million per year to charitable organisations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.


The Foundation brings together all of Greggs’ charitable giving which has an extremely rich and long history. It is managed by an executive team of currently seven members of staff and overseen by a board of trustees. Greggs Foundation executives and trustees work together to achieve the charitable mission of ‘making a difference to people in need in the heart of Greggs’ local communities’.

The Foundations mission has always been the same; to share our success with the people living near us, particularly those in need of a helping hand.  We prioritise organisations that support voluntary carers, people with disabilities, homeless people and older people. We aim to make a difference through the provision of our five main grant programmes, north east core funding grant, local community projects fund grant, environmental grant, hardship fund grant and breakfast clubs which all share the common goal of improving the quality of life of people in local communities.

The North East Core Funding Programme  helps charities in the North East to thrive. Our grants support crucial staff positions within those organisations and we know that they make the biggest possible difference to the lives of the communities most deprived and excluded members.

The Local Community Projects Fund Programme offers a helping hand to community organisations across the UK. We look for community organisations that are helping to improve the quality of life of people who need it most throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Greggs’ people in the regions have expert local knowledge and are encouraged to get involved to ensure that grassroots and local organisations are supported to help people in need in Greggs’ local areas.

The Environmental Grants Programme improves peoples lives by improving the environment. Our Environmental programme is dedicated to improving the local environment.

The Hardship Fund offers a helping hand when it's needed most. It helps people purchase individual items that can make a huge difference to family life.

The Breakfast Club programme a good start to the day; a good start in school. This programme provides breakfast for over 25,000 primary school pupils per day. The programme makes a huge difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people in terms of school attendance, attainment and behaviour.

Public Targets - 2017


This year we aim to deliver the following outcomes:

North East Core Funding:

To increase the sustainability of community organisations in the North East of England with continued donations of £600,000 towards their running costs.

Local Community Projects Fund:

To reduce the social isolation felt by the most disadvantaged people in our community through the provision of small grants to 400 community organisations to provide community activities.

Environmental Grant:

To improve peoples lives by improving the environment through the provision of Environmental grants to 400 community organisations to fund environmental projects.

Hardship Fund:

To increase the financial resilience of over 2000 families and individuals in North East England through the provision of grants towards essential household items.

Breakfast Clubs:

To improve the health of and provide educational benefits to over 25,000 primary school aged children by increasing the number of breakfast clubs to 440 by end of 2017.