Local Community Projects Fund


Local Community Projects Fund

Why do we have this programme?

Because it supports our purpose to Build stronger, healthier communities.

Our objectives are:


Addressing issues of poverty and inequality


Ensuring food is at the heart of our communities


Supporting local community organisations to make a real difference

Millions of people in the UK are living in poverty. Poverty means not being able to heat your home, pay your rent, or buy the essentials for your children. It means waking up every day facing insecurity, uncertainty, and impossible decisions about money. It means facing a lack of equality and even discrimination – because of your financial circumstances. The constant stress it causes can lead to problems that deprive people of the chance to play a full part in society.

We know that one of the quickest ways to have a positive impact on our local communities (those communities around where Greggs trade), is to fund organisations that are already doing a great job and help them to achieve more.

This grant programme is for not for profit organisations with a turnover of less than £300,000 per annum and the maximum grant available is up to £2,000.

Our six regional charity committees who add knowledge about their local areas help us assess these applications. These charity committees help to connect the Foundation to the business and ultimately to our communities.

 What will we support?

Your programme/ project needs to support a community of interest, i.e. people who are:

Living in poverty

Homeless people

Isolated older people

People struggling with mental/ physical health 

What will we measure?

Your programme needs to deliver at least one of the the following outcomes :

Improved nutrition - Increased exercise - Improved mood - Improved inclusion (reduce isolation) – Increased the volunteering opportunities

Excluded items

We are unable to fund the following excluded items:

  • Ongoing running costs
  • Contributions towards larger projects/fundraising appeals
  • Animal charities
  • Friends of associations
  • Uniformed groups such as scouts, guides and sea cadets
  • Sports clubs and associations
  • Overseas travel
  • Curricular activities that take place during the school day
  • Religious promotion
  • Research grants
  • Repayment of loans
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Medical Equipment
  • Major capital projects
  • Sponsorship of events or activities

How much can we can give?

The maximum grant that we can give is £2,000.

What are your chances of success?

The programme is over-subscribed and there is huge competition for the grants available. Please don't be too disappointed if we are unable to support your project. We are unable to give tailored feedback on every application, however we will let you know whether it has been successful as early as we can. In 2019 15% of eligible applications were awarded.

How to apply:

Follow the link at the bottom of this page to be taken to an online application form. After successful submission, you will receive an automatic email with the details of your application. If you don't receive an email it is likely that something has gone wrong. You may want to check your junk or spam folder before contacting us. If you do require our assistance however,  please contact the Greggs Foundation on 0191 2127626 and we can help you.

You can expect a decision within 10 weeks of the closing date. Greggs Foundation is highly over-subscribed and reserves the right to close the application window if we've received more good quality applications than we are able to fund. We will notify you here if we are unable to accept applications.

Share your stories #Greggs4Good

We are working with SEMBLE to establish an online network dedicated to all the winners of the Greggs Foundation Grant. SEMBLE is the UK's most active network connecting and resourcing community projects. The main aim of the Greggs Foundation "cluster" network is to connect all the Greggs winning projects on an online platform, where they can easily share updates of their projects progress and connect with similar projects. All organisations who are awarded a grant are expected to join this network.  

We have closed this programme to new applications at this time. 



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