About the Scheme

The first Greggs funded breakfast club was established in 1999 as part of a Business in the Community ‘Seeing is Believing’ event. The event was in response to growing concerns that children were attending school without having breakfast.


Greggs plc took up the charge and established the first ‘Greggs’ breakfast club. The Greggs Foundation now oversees over 400 clubs, providing a nutritious breakfast to over 24,916 school children each day, over 4.8 million each year!!!

The Greggs Foundation encourages the use of parent volunteers in breakfast club. Research has shown many benefits including improved parent/teacher relationships, increased confidence, self-esteem and social mobility. By using volunteers we also ensure that breakfast clubs offer excellent value for money and breakfast clubs are free of charge to ensure all children can attend.

Everybody knows the benefits of a healthy breakfast, but not every child gets one before the start of the school day.


We regularly hear stories of children who only get one decent meal a day, their school dinner, and children who are too hungry to participate productively in lessons.

At our breakfast club schools we see first hand children enjoying themselves and engaging with school staff and the education system. We also hear first hand from children that they’ve missed meals at home and they only eat at school lunch-times. We see children helping themselves to second, third, even fourth helpings of cereal and it makes us feel extremely proud that we were able to make a difference.

Evaluations of breakfast club schemes have uncovered the following key benefits of breakfast clubs:


  • Children have improved health and nutrition.
  • Children have improved attendance and punctuality.
  • Children are able to socialise and make friends.
  • Children have better relations with school staff.
  • Parents are less wary of school and are more likely to attend parents evenings.
  • Children are able to concentrate better and results are improved.

Most of our breakfast club schools are in disadvantaged areas and have high numbers of pupils who qualify for free school meals. To find out more about how to apply for a breakfast club, please see our 'how to apply' section.


The Greggs Foundation receives funding from a range of partners, often private sector companies including our major partner, Greggs plc. Greggs Foundation uses the money to support breakfast clubs through an initial start up grant for equipment such as chest freezers to store food items or toys and activities for the club. Greggs Foundation also makes a payment each term towards other food items and Greggs plc donates bread from the nearest shop.

This approach tends to be very well received by our breakfast club schools, many of whom have worked in partnership with Greggs for over ten years. Schools tell us that they like the flexibility of the model, allowing them to tailor their club to suit the needs of the children that attend.