Our Trustees

The Greggs Foundation is an independent charity managed by a board of trustees. Trustees are elected from within Greggs plc and external independent trustees. It is currently chaired by an independent trustee.

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Andrew Davison (Chair)

Andrew is an independent Trustee. He brings his knowledge and expertise from the legal sector and represents a number of charitable boards, including social and environmental organisations. Andrew represents the investments sub-committee.

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Richard Hutton

Richard is finance director of Greggs plc. His excellent knowledge of finance systems and business acumen help the Greggs Foundation to be a robust and well managed organisation. Richard represents the investments sub-committee and chairs the Breakfast Club sub-committee.

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Roisin Currie

Roisin is people director of Greggs plc. She brings her expert knowledge of Greggs people to help Greggs Foundation communicate to 20,000 Greggs people.

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Jane Hartley

Jane is Chief Executive of the Voluntary Organisations Network North East a support body for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. Jane represents the grant making sub-committee.

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Fiona Nicholson

Fiona is a dedicated volunteer for the Greggs Foundation, with expert knowledge of the history and culture of Greggs. She represents the Breakfast Club and grant making sub-committees.

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Kate Bradley

Kate is Head of the Newcastle United Foundation and has a wealth of experience in the charitable sector. Kate represents the grant making sub-committee.

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Karen Wilkinson-Bell

Karen Wilkinson-Bell is an independent consultant and former charity chief executive. She has expert knowledge of corporate social responsibility and business supporting the voluntary sector. Karen represents the Breakfast Club sub-committee.

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Tony Rowson

Tony is the Head of Retail in our South East region. He has represented other corporate foundations and brings expert knowledge of delivering impact to the Greggs Foundation.

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Lindsay Graham

Lindsay is a leading UK specialist in children’s food and health programmes. A former district nurse and civil servant she represents expertise on community food security and evaluation of the foundations work.

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Mick Thompson

Info coming soon...